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An administrator is a user that can protect/unprotect pages, delete/undelete pages, block/unblock users and make sql queries.
For more information on what administrators can do, see also . For adminship requests on this wiki see .

For a list of administrators on other WikiMedia projects, see Administrators of various Wikipedias.

Policy for requesting adminship[оңдоо]

An admin of any Wikimedia project, following the requirements listed below, can request being an administrator on Meta.

  • Having been a participant for at least 2 months on at least one project other than Meta (at least 100 contributions)
  • Having a user page on Meta, with link(s) to a local project user page, and a valid contact address (registered and valid wikipedia email address in preferences, or an email address indicated on their user page)
  • Being (or perhaps having been some time ago) an active contributor on Meta (more than 100 contributions)
  • Being a sysop on a local Wikipedia or related project

The request shall be done on . A time for opinion of at least one week will be given. The candidate will be named sysop here only if they are approved by a qualified majority of at least 75%. All editors with an account on Meta, at least one active account on any Wikimedia project, and a link between the two, may participate and give their opinion on the candidate. In case of an opposition, enough people must speak for the candidate for them to become sysop on meta.

When the candidate becomes a sysop, they should add their name to Administrator list, and ensure they keep a valid user name page, links to at least one other project, and valid contact. Administrators not respecting these rules will be de-sysoped.

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It is helpful for some people to have access to some protected pages on meta (related to languages files). In such cases, two options are possible:

  • Temporary unprotection of these pages, so that the user can quietly work on them for a limited time.
  • Temporary sysoping of the user in question so they can edit the protected pages. In this case, the adminship shall be granted with no requirements and approval, but the user will promise to limit their activity to the necessity of their local project. Preferably, the admin status will be temporary.

Captain Jones[оңдоо]

I request for temporary sysop access. Thank you..--Captain Jones 13:32, 26 Июль (Теке) 2009 (UTC)

Support! --Aidabishkek 07:50, 5 Август (Баш оона) 2009 (UTC)

Policy for de-adminship[оңдоо]

Temporary sysop status
Sysop-hood can be granted temporarily. For example, people starting up a new project need to be able to work on some protected pages on meta to set up their project. Temporary sysop status will be removed after 30 days.

Any sysop inactive on meta for a full year will be de-sysoped. "Inactive" means no edits in the past 6 months and less than 50 edits in the last year. They may re-apply through the regular way.

Poll after a year
Sysop-hood is not a lifetime status. Get it if you need it. Keep it if people trust you. Quit it if you do not need it. Lose it if people feel they cannot trust you. Sysop status on meta will be granted for one year. After that time, people will be able to vote to oppose a sysop. If there is no opposition for the sysop to stay sysop, then they stay sysop. If opposition is voiced, then the sysop may lose sysopship if support falls below 75%. No quorum is required. It is not a vote to gain support status, but a poll to express disagreement with the current situation. The point is not to bug everyone to vote to support the sysop again (if there is no opposition, there is no point in voting your support again), the point is to not allow sysop-hood status to stay a lifetime status. If a sysop is not really strongly infringing rules, but is creating work for the community because of a lack of trust, then it is best that people have the possibility to express their opposition.

Adminship request[оңдоо]

I request for permanent adminship. Thank you.--Captain Jones 16:06, 24 Сентябрь (Аяк оона) 2009 (UTC)

Support!--Aidabishkek 12:13, 30 Сентябрь (Аяк оона) 2009 (UTC)

List of administrators[оңдоо]

The following users have sysop rights

Honorary, beloved and atemporal admin

Temporary adminship

Former administrators[оңдоо]

According to meta policy, the following sysops have been de-sysoped (this was an administrative de-sysoping, not one for any infringement). They may request being sysops again any time.