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    == [[User:Marcus Cyron|Marcus Cyron]] ==

    Hello! I think you made a mistake here. This user with more than [[:m:Special:CentralAuth/Marcus Cyron|300'000 edits across wiki]] did not add a spam link to an external page but to a webpage hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, the provider of the Wikimedia projects: Please have a look at [[:mw:Wikimedia Labs]] if you haven't heard of this project before (it's the follow-up project of the [[:mw:Toolserver]]). In any case, no block is appropriate without a notice in advance and users are usually allowed to maintain their userpages. Hence, please undo your block. Cheers, [[Колдонуучу:DerHexer|DerHexer]] ([[Колдонуучунун баарлашуулары:DerHexer|talk]]) 10:59, 12 Ноябрь (Жетинин айы) 2014 (UTC)

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