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Кыргыз Нуур көлү

Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 417: Unable to find the specified location map definition. Neither "Module:Location map/data/Mongolia" nor "Template:Location map Mongolia" exists. Khyargas Lake (моңг. Хяргас нуур) is a salt lake in Khyargas district, Uvs Province, Western Mongolia.

Some sources are using different Khyargas Lake statistics values[1]:

  • Water level: 1,035.29 m
  • Surface area: 1,481.1 km²
  • Average depth: 50.7 m
  • Volume: 75.2 km³.
Water balance of Khyargas Lake[1]
(Unit of water balance: mm/year)
Surface input Surface output Groundwater
, years
Precipitation Inflow Evaporation Outflow
55.9 652.4 937.1 0 +228.8 54.2

The Khyargas Lake National Park is based on the lake. This protected area was established in 2000 and covers about 3,328 km². It also includes a freshwater Airag Lake. [2][3]

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