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Kyrgyz[оңдоо | булагын оңдоо]

The Kyrgyz population of Wakhan was 1,130 in 2003, all in the eastern part of Wakhan.[1] The Kyrgyz are Sunni Hanafi Muslims.

The suppression of the 1916 rebellion against Russian rule in Central Asia caused many Kyrgyz later to migrate to China and Afghanistan. Most of Kyrgyz refugees settled in Wakhan region of Afghanistan.

Most of the Until 1978 the northeastern portion of Wakhan (the Great Pamir and the Little Pamir) was home to about 3–5 thousand ethnic Kyrgyz.[2][3] In 1978 almost all the Kyrgyz inhabitants fled to Pakistan in the aftermath of the Saur Revolution. They requested 5,000 visas from the United States Consulate in Peshawar for resettlement in Alaska (a region that shares a similar climate and temperature with the Wakhan Corridor). Their request was denied. In the meantime, the heat and the unsanitary conditions of the refugee camp were killing off the Kyrgyz refugees at an alarming rate. Turkey which was under the military coup rule of General Kenan Evren, stepped in, and resettled the entire group in the Lake Van region of Turkey in 1982. The village of Ulupamir (or “Great Pamir” in Kyrgyz) in Erciş on Lake Van was given to these, where more than 5,000 of them still reside today. The documentary film "37 Uses for a Dead Sheep – the story of the Pamir Kirghiz" was based on the life of these Kyrgyz/Kirgiz in their new home.

Kyrgyz from Wakhan region of Afghanistan moved to Pakistan in the 1970s. Nearly 1,100 of these were accepted by Turkey to settle in Ulupamir (or “Great Pamir” in Kyrgyz), their resettlement village in Van Province.[4]

Some Kyrgyz returned to the Wakhan in October 1979, following the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.[5]

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Вахан, Пакистан менен Тажикстандын ортосу
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