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This citation template is used to cite a Feature Detail Report from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).


A search engine can be found here. Select the search type from the menu on the right. Note that links to specific records in the database will not work (as stated on the interface itself).

Parameter Value Notes
{{cite gnis
| type = 
| id = 
| name =
| accessdate = 
| entrydate =
| ref =
| links =
feature ID (number)
feature name (text)
access date
entry date
for Antarctic data
seldom of interest

For Antarctic locations, specify |type=antarid.

To disable links to the publisher, when the template is used multiple times in an article, use |links=off.

If antarid or links is specified, then named parameters should be used.

Since the GNIS site is very stable, the accessdate is not necessary.

For the usage of ref, see Template:Cite web#Anchor.


Used with named parameters:

{{cite gnis |id= 269051 |name= Mount Whitney}}Калып:Cite gnis

Used with unnamed parameters:

{{cite gnis | 269051 | Mount Whitney | 2008-10-31 }}Калып:Cite gnis

Antarctic locations:

{{cite gnis |type= antarid |id= 15152 |name= Mount Terror}}Калып:Cite gnis

Publisher links off:

{{cite gnis |id= 269051 |name= Mount Whitney |links= off}}Калып:Cite gnis

All parameters:

{{cite gnis |type= antarid |id= 19152 |name= Raney Peak |entrydate = January 21, 2008 |accessdate= May 5, 2014 |links= off |ref= test}}Калып:Cite gnis

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