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Good afternoon, hello ... I have complaints from a member of the Kyrgyz wikipedia Колдонуучу:Үрүйэ ... He’s a mass editor of the article’s title ... I think it’s vandalism ... Even he doesn’t know Kyrgyz ... There are a lot of literary mistakes that have little experience. - Абдырашит Сатылганов 13:56, 2 январь 2019 (UTC)[жооп берүү]

Hi, the big problem is I do not this language so I can not help, you need talk to one of sysop here, see [1]. Regards DARIO SEVERI (баарлашуу) 15:28, 2 январь 2019 (UTC)[жооп берүү]
Hi, can you remove my entire contribution, if i say it is vandalism? Remove all, please. --Үрүйэ (баарлашуу) 15:42, 2 январь 2019 (UTC)[жооп берүү]

You believed this member from the beginning. I know why he hates me. He wanted to be an administrator, but I voted against him. He did not like it and he deleted it (to the purpose, this removal is similar to vandalism). I think he is a weak participant, uncommunicative, inactive. I opened the discussions about the problems of their Wikipedia. Wishing to discuss was not. On the contrary, this wrong member decided to remove me, wrote complaints. He and u called my contribution as vandal, it was like an insult. But the most important, this wrong participant did not help you stop the removal but watched silently and was pleased.

DARIO SEVERI, I've always had and now have the correct alphabet. I'm sorry you didn't delete everything, such participants did not need to help. There are always participants in Wikipedia like dog in the manger. No desire to communicate with such participants. Love your wikipedia where you have any power. That's all, it was fun. --Үрүйэ (баарлашуу) 07:18, 7 январь 2019 (UTC)[жооп берүү]

Hi Үрүйэ, I did not believe only in him I believed in you, you told me:
  • Need to remove everything. They're all vandalous, have a bad translation\alphabet. Find and delete all my edits, please (see [2])
  • So many vandal categories left, delete all my edits, templates too/ (see [3])
  • So that other illiterate participants do not repeat my mistakes. (see [4]
  • They are native speakers. Remove all my contributions, really they are all wrong. (see [5])
  • I wanted you to zero my contribution first. That is all wrong. (see [6])
  • I returned them their correct version, my bad categories are set to remove. (see [7])
If you had told me what you wrote above I probably would not have deleted them. I'll stop editing on this Wikipedia and let both of you decide what's right or wrong. Regards. DARIO SEVERI (talk) 11:44, 7 January 2019 (UTC)
Үрүйэ Hello ... Please do not insult, I wrote you the reason for vandalism, for some reason you are aggressive ..... Wikipedia members should respect each other, I did not say a bad word to you ... Just you, as you like, renamed articles, now your mistakes, other members fix ...Абдырашит Сатылганов (баарлашуу) 04:49, 10 январь 2019 (UTC)[жооп берүү]